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Glass Houses (Harlequin)

Glass Houses - Anne Stuart

3.5 Stars

And I think I have a new author to stake out.

Through Glass

Through Glass - Rebecca Ethington

-->Depth of characterization.<--

If I could put the above three words in glaring red font in a humongous size that would sparkle, glitter and dance at the same time, I would. Technically speaking I could put up a gif, but for now the mental image will have to suffice.

These three words show the one thing I admire the most in books. And usually fail to find.



The one word shows the strongest aspect of the book.

Here is what I liked the most about Through Glass.

The characters were extraordinarily penned down. They had personalities, and emotions and stories and a heart and most importantly an ability to worm their ways into mine. Heart, that is.

Many books do. But what's the most remarkable here?

Depth of Characters, especially Cohen.

There are maybe 10 or 15 pages where Cohen actually features. I did not really bother to count, but it was less. I was holding my breath to see him each time and I almost suffocated five times And he does not have much to do. But he is the bravest, swoonworthiest and one of the most wonderfully written love interests among all the books I have read. And I have read many.

It's not the pages that the character is in but the character that is in those pages.

And Cohen is IN those pages. He made me laugh, made me cry, made me grin like a fool and fall head over heels for him and broke my heart and stole my soul and HE WAS HARDLY A PROMINENT PART OF THE STORY.

No, that was Alexis. Brave, desperate Alexis. And she rocked too. In a way near death, chased by monsters yet barely scraping through to survival heroines of post apocalyptic stories tend to rock.

In simple words?
The characterization of ALL the characters, major or minor, was so amazing that Ethington blew me away. I admit, there were not that many characters to work on to begin with but those that were in the book carved a nice niche for themselves. Their voices, quirks and personalities were unique. And be they good or evil they stood out.
That was all I had ever hoped for to find for them.

The story is heartbreaking in its execution. So much happens. So many impossibilities pile up in front of Alexis and yet she trudges on. Their is a hint of loneliness to the narration and being said from the perspective of a girl who constantly wonders if she is the last human alive - that is necessary as well as commendable.

The world building was choppy - a lot of inconsistencies there. As well a lot of space for speculation. [spoiler]

Especially regarding the *ahem* peoplez withz gunz and stuffz


. And a bigger lot of possibilities for the sequel.
Which I admit I am desperately waiting for.

Ethington has created memorable characters with this book. The story is like an afterthought to what happens to these characters and she has blended these two aspects of a good novel together perfectly.

Here's an honest confession. It had been a while since a story had moved me enough to make me cry. Through Glass was managed it somehow. I cried so much especially at the beginning and the end.

4 Stars because no matter how amazing the book is the world building still sucked.

Snow, Glass, Apples

Snow, Glass, Apples - Neil Gaiman,  Julie Dillon Wonderfully dark. Amazingly written.

Why did I not read this before?

Broken Fragments (Glass, #2)

Broken Fragments (Glass, #2) - Rebecca Ethington That Cliffhanger Ending!
Now how the duck am I supposed to wait till January?!

Cold As Ice - Anne Stuart Kinda disappointed that I won't be getting more of Bastien and Chloe... Oh, well, Jensen doesn't sound half bad himself but I already miss Bastien.
Black Ice - Anne Stuart Review to come.

Consumed (Consumed, #1)

Consumed (Consumed, #1) - Skyla Madi I did enjoy the story - for most parts. But New Adult gets repetitive sometimes. Especially after Beautiful Disaster, Real and tonsa other books revolving around the same thing with a similar plot.

Full review to come.
Children of the Knight - Michael J.  Bowler It has taken me a while to get my thoughts in this book sorted out to write a proper review. Bowler has penned a powerful fantasy with so many sides to it and I must admit the book has left a lasting impact on me. This book is different from all of the young adult fantasy crawling in the bookstores these days and for someone like me who is tired of the same washed up story being told again and again - different is definitely good.

I have always enjoyed reading Arthurian Legends. You can blame that on watching the Disney movie 'The Sword in the Stone' one too many times when I was a kid. So an Arthurian story based on Los Angeles in midst of violent gang environment? I was intrigued. And not let down.

The book deals with many serious issues. It deals with child abuse mostly, also with prostitution, gang violence and society's aversion to non-conformity. There is a somber edge to the narration along with a hopeful one. The major theme of the story seems to be acceptance and mutual respect and Bowler has handled that wonderfully. Arthur's efforts to create a utopia for children to be themselves and away from harm is commendable and the way Bowler has presented it is smooth as well as believable.

This book raises two very important questions. Who is to blame for the various problems that children face - at home, at school or in the society at large? And in the real world where there is no King Arthur to swoop in with his round table of knights who is to help them?

Usually, some books try to touch a lot of issues concerning the society and fail to address them all. This book does not. It is a beautiful, thoughtful story written wonderfully that anyone can read, enjoy and ponder upon.

4 Stars

This ebook was provided to me by the author in exchange of an honest review.
Of course.
Of course.

GoodReads pissed me off.

And I decided to look for greener pastures. And I did, as soon as I finished that chapter.

So basically I am hours later than my intention.

Watch Over Me

Watch Over Me - Tara Sivec How to write a formula New Adult book

1 heroine with issues.
1 hero with a secret.
Dysfunctional secondary characters to taste.
Strips of cheesy lines.
2 jugs of graphic sex.

Put the heroine in the blame-game pot. Add the hero with the lid on the secrets closed. Add as much of dysfunctional secondary as you would prefer. Add the cheesy lines and stir clockwise for happy moments and again counterclockwise for angsty ones. Add a jug of graphic sex. Stir again with the cheese strips. Add another jug of graphic sex. Uncover the lid on the hero's secret. Let the tension boil out. Then let the mixture simmer down until everything blends in together.

Pour it down into a wordprocessing software.

Label it according to your choice.

Warning: The labels Watch Over Me, The Coincidence of Callie and Cayden, Wait for You, Hopeless, etc have already been taken.

Because this book is nothing if not a typical formula book. And the said formula DID NOT work for me here.
Cheesy and predictable to a fault and the ending made my brain cells die.
The writing was nice-ish, not appallingly bad but not something to sing ballads about either.
But the characters were just like xeroxed cardboard cut-outs of many other NA book characters.
But I almost had a crush on Zander at the beginning before the book turned into a typical rinse-lather-repeat retelling of maximum NA books I've read.
And SOME of his cheesy lines made me laugh. But most of them made my eyes roll.

2 Stars Because I did NOT hate it with a fiery passion - unlike most of my 1 Star books.

Kinslayer (Lotus War)

Kinslayer - Jay Kristoff 07/03/2013 Why don't we have a blurb? Or a cover? Or any details? Or the book itself??!! T_T23/01/13 *eyetwitch* A title? Kinslayer -- OOoo sounds like we will be getting more of Kin. SQUEEEEEE!!!!------WHEN? WHEN IS IT COMING OUT??? I NEED THIS BOOK LIKE AN HOUR AGO!!NO JAY KRISTOFF... YOU CANNOT END [b:Stormdancer|10852343|Stormdancer (The Lotus War, #1)|Jay Kristoff|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1337359560s/10852343.jpg|15767096]THAT WAY AND EXPECT US TO PATIENTLY FOR THE SEQUEL! IT JUST IS NOT DONE!!

Tease (Take It Off #2)

Tease (Take It Off #2) - Cambria Hebert Here's the thing.This book is cheesy. Predictable. Has insta-love. A storyline that has been done a billion times over. A formula hero. A formula heroine.I knew the entire story before I had picked the book up.Expectation: Eyerolls and scoffing at the predictability and more eyerolls.Reality: Melting down into a puddle of swoon every time Cam said one of his cheesy lines and goddammit were they cheesy.Because sometimes, the formula actually works.I have read almost ALL of Cambria Hebert's books. And I still have no idea why each time I think my expectations and what her book provides will match. They never have before.I LOVED THIS BOOK - OKAY! ALL MY FRIENDS WHO HAVE GIVEN ME THE STINK-EYE WHEN I'VE TRASHED ABOUT THEIR FAVORITE CHICK-LIT BOOKS CAN STOP LAUGHING NOW.This book was typical in the sense it followed all cookie-cutter ideas that have been used in a book with a stripper protagonist. Plot-wise it was predictable to a fault. But there is something in Cambria Hebert's writing that calls to me. The same something in her Heven and Hell series or Death Escorts books that even as I curse the things in the books that I hate I could not not like the book.Same was with Tease.The characters were refreshing. They were funny. The dialogues were hilarious. I clicked with them.Love was insta, but I have not found a Cambria Hebert book where it isn't.And Cam - Cam, Cam, Cam - hot, cheesy, 'I was a playboy before I put my eyes on you' Cam - who fell for the heroine I have NO idea why Cam. I'm sorry, you need to scrape me off the floor from the puddle of goo I have become in order for me to finish this train of thought. Cam was just - Cam. And I LOVED him.I just have been in a downer streak with the past few books I've read - the romance was starcrossed, depressing, possibly ending in betrayal or death. So to find a normal couple who loved each other while joking and laughing and did not end up breaking my (or each other's) hearts were most welcome.Harlow is cool too - but this book was all about Cam's cheesiness. And the secondary characters, i.e. Adam and Roxie, were nice too. But I didn't really care about them much. But I do want them to have a novella or something - I see a definite potential there.And Cam was sexy - but I think that is self understood from all of my rambling up there.And there was a bit of stupidity book heroines are prone to, hero complex book heroes have and too much of sex that is in trend in NA books even when the story does not really demand the characters to get hot and heavy. But I am ready to overlook that at the cost of that single star.But here's the thing. If this were NOT a Cambria Hebert book I may have never picked it up. If I was not so blue and depress-y I may not have liked it as much. But the setting, the mood, the lightness of the story were all perfect for me at this moment.I mean, this book brought me out of the blue mood I have been in for a while. Of course I loved it.4 Stars**********************Pre-Release Review:Me wants this book right fucking now.


Conjured - Sarah Beth Durst Full review to come.
Mistborn Trilogy Boxed Set - Brandon Sanderson First book: 5 StarsSecond book: 4 StarsThird book: 3 StarsTherefore Trilogy: (5 + 4 + 3)/3 = 4 StarsSimple, really.

The Hero of Ages (Mistborn Series #3)

The Hero of Ages - Brandon Sanderson Let me make it clear first.I am a part-atheist, part-agnostic kid who thinks life is better suited without clinging on to religion for answers. But I have nothing against people who do, and born to the most religious mother and grandmother a non-believer could ever have I have learned to respect people's belief even when I do not agree.And I love reading religious stories from an outsider's perspective, not unlike Sazed minus the copperminds not believing in any but understanding them.That said, this book was wayyyy too preachy for me.Yada, yada, yada Ruin and Preservation, yada, yada, yada, balance between Gods, yada, yada, Hero gains the power, yada, yada, yada.This book was such a bloody disappointment - especially with the high the second book ended with.I was not interested in any of the story arcs, except perhaps TenSoon's, and they characters showed no growth whatsoever from the second book.Few of them showed degradation.Especially Sazed.I Hated Sazed in this book.And Vin too. She was still kickass but nothing new either. She was the same brand of kickass she was in Well of Ascension - maybe perhaps more tilting towards long internal monologues.And Spook too. Though I do understand what was going on with him I still couldn't commiserate with him.And Ruin reminded me of that villain the Smurfs movie... loud, annoying and always making huge threats about the end of the world.And the italicized text in the beginning were wayyyy tooo spoilery - especially for a few things I would've liked to figure out as I read along.The series was moving in one direction in the first two books - the rebellion then the impending apocalypse but the tide turned so swiftly to theological issues religious righteousness and big talks of good and evil driving the story forward that this book was just not like a part of the Mistborn trilogy.The ending was cool though. I cried when Elend died. It was shown so wonderfully. So perfectly. As well as Sazed fixing up the world as he realized he was the Hero. But the rest of the book was not really worth reaching there.3 Stars
The Well of Ascension  - Brandon Sanderson This should have been a five star book. This would have been a five star book. But with the memories of all the whining Elend and Vin indulged in I just couldn't let myself be as blown away as I should have. Let this stand as an example of why romance is unnecessary in some stories. Also, I missed Kelsier terribly. He was the foundation the first book was based on. Everything was made much better by his presence. Praise the Lord Survivor. May he watch over the third book for posily psychotic love interests.Yes, this is just a rant. And yes, Zane was a wonderful crafty INSANE mastermind but could Sanderson not have forced a love triangle on the story? The romance - as I mentioned before - gave me a migraine. He turned Vin into a whiny insecure idiot. This in turn made Elend also an insecure indecisive idiot. Which in turn almost destroyed the book for me.But he was one Heckuva Mistborn.The Inquisitor Spike on his back, right? And the God in his head was just the Deepness, right?And we had betrayals from the most trusted but I relished that. And so much of fighting...And Dafuq was up with Dox? Up until his death that is - of course he had a great epiphany then. I wanted to smash his face with my pewter strength. While burning that aluminum alloy Vin uses. Everything else though - was kickass. But I still taketh away that star that this book deserves. Stupid romance destroys an epic book. 4 Stars