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Five Flavors of Dumb

Five Flavors of Dumb - 2.5 StarsI am not sure how I felt about this book. I really disliked Piper, she was an arrogant self-absorbed creature who liked to play the victim. But I liked the concept of the story - a broken band to be fixed by a deaf manager, I was instantly intrigued. But the book did not live up to my expectations.I liked Antony John's writing style - it was frank and straightforward. The story was good too and was not so predictable. The story was simple and carried enough of teenage angst. But the characters were greatly lacking in depth. I couldn't find myself connecting with any of the character, I didn't really get to know any of them and that sort of ruined this book for me.I had put off reading this book for a long time because I was sure whether I would love it or hate it. Sadly, it stuck somewhere in between. I just couldn't bring myself to care about the characters either way. Except Piper who really got into my nerves. I only stuck till the end to know what happens.