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Destroy Me

Destroy Me - I hated Warner when I had read Shatter Me. I had hated the psychotic obsessed killer who was out to torture Juliette and use her power for his twisted reasons. After reading the story from Warner's PoV, I don't hate him anymore though. I pity him. He has a sob story - of a son who was tortured by his father when he was young. Of a lonely guy who has no friends but an army to command. The only person he opened his heart out to betrayed him amd ran away. He is a sick twisted bastard and yet he is still human capable of weaknesses, he says. I don't know what Mafi wanted to show us about Warner in this novella but whatever it was, it worked for me. I still don't like him and find him a desperate broken creature - someone who is working hard to justify his actions just to make himself believe he is worthy of Juliette. The way he is still hung up on her is unreal and though reluctantly, I find myself accepting him as an okay guy for a love triangle something I had not really accepted in Shatter Me (I still want Juliette to end up with Adam and myself to end up with Kenji).I want to see where the story will go from here. How Warner's father and the people in the rebellion will join the mix and what Warner will do and whether he will continue to seem like a despicable character again from Juliette's eyes. Unravel Me is still too far away *sigh*