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Stormdancer (Lotus War)

Stormdancer  - Jay Kristoff There have been only a few times that I have been rendered speechless in my life with not even a single coherent thought passing through my head. This is one of those moments. When I finished the last page of the book I was numb – numb from realization that I did not have any more to read of this wonderful, this magnificent piece of book called Stormdancer. I want more. I knew this book would have been amazing… look at the cover, look at the blurb, look at the fact that it is a Japanese Steampunk featuring Thunder Tigers and Chainsaw Katanas – but the enormity of its amazingness blew me away. It was like reading a manga in text – the world was that vivid, the book was that action packed, the mythology was that enthralling, the characters that compelling – I can find no better praise to give a fantasy novel.I am in awe. Literally. This book made me feel so many emotions at once I was like a ferris wheel rotating while running in full speed over a rollercoaster. I laughing hard at the dialogues one moment (Yes, Jay you are one witty man) and then slack-jawed the next. I cried while reading this book… How could you do it Jay? How could you let that bastard Shogūn cut Buuru’s wings like that? How? And really, was breaking Kin’s heart that badly really warranted? I hate you Jay… or maybe I don’t. I loved the narrative with alternating viewpoints. I loved the way the action sequences were described – smoothly and kickass-ly. There were no vague gestures and no underscoring the attacks – they were there in all the gory and not-so-gory details. But the best part of Jay’s writing was the show and tell method – the information about the world, the beasts, the myths, the characters – they were written flawlessly that I did not feel either information overload or the lack of proper explanations. I was really glad that the romance was downplayed (really downplayed) and the heroine had her priorities straight. Saving the world with her great Thunder Tiger first; fantasies of the samurai with the blue-green eyes later. Hands down, Yukiko was an amazing protagonist – beautiful, sarcastic, kickass, brave, kickass, smart, kickass and for extra emphasis kickass again. I can count in my single hand the YA protagonists who didn’t make me feel like my brain cells were dying just by the realization that I was also a teenage girl like them. I didn’t even roll my eyes at Yukiko’s actions even once, I didn’t even want to. The girl got my respect. As did Buuru. Buuru was the soul of this book. I was thinking HOLY FRICKIN’ HELL I WANT A PET GRIFFIN! He was that awesome. The way he slowly warmed up to Yukiko and got ready to fight the battles together was amazing! Heck, everything about Stormdancer was amazing!!The Oni were creepy. The Lotusmen were creepier. Kin was adorable. Hiro was…there. Amaterasu, Izanami, Izanagi, Susano-ō, Tsukiyomi reminded me of Itachi Uchiha (who, in my, opinion is the greatest manga character of all time). The mythical world was fresh and interesting. The legends of the past Stormdancers and the stories of the long ago Gods were captivating. I would love to elaborate more about every frigging part of the book but honestly, I am running out of positive adjectives. I’m still stuck in the fact that it is over... and I don’t have the sequel yet!Stormdancer is not just a book, it is THE book. THE book that breaks all the clichés in YA and gives us a fresh story to read. THE book with the storyline and fantasy that has not been recycled, reused, raped and printed by countless books before it. THE book with a heroine who knows what she’s doing, why she’s doing it and her reasons actually makes sense. THE book with a best friend who is not only a friggin’ Thunder Tiger but also witty, sarcastic and loyal. THE book with Chainsaw Katanas.Seriously? What other reasons you need to read this book?5 Stars! No doubt about it!!