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On the Island

On the Island - Tracey Garvis-Graves 3.5 StarsCall me a mean person but in most cases I am not a big fan of happy endings. On the Island was one of those cases where a happy ending wouldn’t have worked for me.It was a good read, really. I liked the writing and I really enjoy reading stories from multiple PoVs. The shifting narrative complemented the story wonderfully. But something about the book felt off, like the author was trying a bit too hard to tell the story.I must admit, I was a bit irked by the age difference between the MCs before I started reading the book. But as I read it I got used to it. I liked their interactions – especially before they got into a relationship. What I didn’t like was that the way everything was all-too-convenient for them for on the island – it was a bit unbelievable how everything they needed was available to them when they needed it.It was a nice book with nice characters and the perfect companion to curl up with if you’re in the mood for something romantic.