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Burn Bright (Night Creatures, #1)

Burn Bright - Marianne de Pierres Good things about this bookLenoirLenoirLenoirLenoirLenoirLenoirLenoirLenoir*dreamy sigh*Oh, And the rest of the story, plot, characters, whatever stuff inside its pagesThings that suck about this book:Markes....Often when reading a book with a love triangle (and those books happen too often for my liking) I don't understand why there is a love triangle at all. And not in a they-make-me-wanna-smash-my-head-in-a-wall-with-too-much-drama kind of way - though that too happens too much for my liking. I mean how in the world can the heroine fall for both the guys when one of them is so deliciously perfect and other is just.... mehNot that there is a lot of love in this book. Or a real triangle. With lines. But that is not really the point I want to make in this review...The point?I absolutely freaking wholly completely with my entire life and soul totally loved this book. Like Why The F Did I Not Read It As Soon As I Got My Hands On It And Let It Lie Dormant On My Shelf For Eons Because It Turned Out To Be So Freaking Perfect kind of love. Yeah, the love is kind of creepy. If someone asks me what kind of book I like - THIS book would be the answer. Iy was refreshing. It was interesting. It was unique. The writing was wonderful. The concept was original. The plot was welldone. The characters were relatable. The guy was crushworthy (Loveworthy - whatevs). I finished it in a record time of 3 Hours! I couldn't put it down for anything. And Lenoir... Holy Effin Shit! That had to be the best non-hero guy I have encountered in forever. He is like... So damn freakin' perfect! He is hot. He is strong. He is... Ughhh so damn good! I really don't wanna spoil it but DAYAM! He is exactly what I am looking for in a hero in every book I've read. I'd been in a low recently - my mind in a state of hang and me unable to read for few long days. But Burn Bright just pulled in. I actually was about to read another book I had been so excited about and then I saw this one on my shelf. Last minute impulse - I went for this one instead. And boy, am I so glad I did!Marriane de Pierce has joined the ranks of my favorite YA authors. I absolutely love this woman's writing. And yeah, I know this review makes no sense. It's just random gushing with no meaning and total crap and a total waste of time to read. But you know what is not a waste of time to read? THIS BOOK!5 Freaking Stars and every little holden sparkle of it Well Deserved!!Read it Everyone! And I mean EVERYONE!!