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The Midnight Heir (The Bane Chronicles, #4)

The Midnight Heir - Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan Curse you Cassandra Clare. I had not been THAT impressed with any of the Bane Chronicles books so far making it easier for me to think I can give up Clare's writing after finishing Magnus Bane's stories. As much as I hate the monotony in her work, pieces of good like these remind me why I was so addicted to her books in the first place and why she is a bestselling author. James is an interesting character, Grace even more so. This is a solid groundwork for her upcoming series, which I had planned to shun but am dying to read now. This story also brings us our beloved Magnus Bane at his funny, sarcastic and quirky self - something I could not see in the earlier installments. He breaks my heart though with his habit of running away but then again if he didn't he would not be Magnus Bane. Nope. Being with once loved characters and seeing their chemistry was wonderful. But I still hold on to the sentiment that the understanding in the Will-Jem-Tessa love triangle is creepy. Very creepy. But fish that. The hero of this show was definitely Magnus Bane - as it ought to be. And he is frickin' Awesome. And about time too.