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The Hero of Ages (Mistborn Series #3)

The Hero of Ages - Brandon Sanderson Let me make it clear first.I am a part-atheist, part-agnostic kid who thinks life is better suited without clinging on to religion for answers. But I have nothing against people who do, and born to the most religious mother and grandmother a non-believer could ever have I have learned to respect people's belief even when I do not agree.And I love reading religious stories from an outsider's perspective, not unlike Sazed minus the copperminds not believing in any but understanding them.That said, this book was wayyyy too preachy for me.Yada, yada, yada Ruin and Preservation, yada, yada, yada, balance between Gods, yada, yada, Hero gains the power, yada, yada, yada.This book was such a bloody disappointment - especially with the high the second book ended with.I was not interested in any of the story arcs, except perhaps TenSoon's, and they characters showed no growth whatsoever from the second book.Few of them showed degradation.Especially Sazed.I Hated Sazed in this book.And Vin too. She was still kickass but nothing new either. She was the same brand of kickass she was in Well of Ascension - maybe perhaps more tilting towards long internal monologues.And Spook too. Though I do understand what was going on with him I still couldn't commiserate with him.And Ruin reminded me of that villain the Smurfs movie... loud, annoying and always making huge threats about the end of the world.And the italicized text in the beginning were wayyyy tooo spoilery - especially for a few things I would've liked to figure out as I read along.The series was moving in one direction in the first two books - the rebellion then the impending apocalypse but the tide turned so swiftly to theological issues religious righteousness and big talks of good and evil driving the story forward that this book was just not like a part of the Mistborn trilogy.The ending was cool though. I cried when Elend died. It was shown so wonderfully. So perfectly. As well as Sazed fixing up the world as he realized he was the Hero. But the rest of the book was not really worth reaching there.3 Stars