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Torch (Take It Off, #1)

Torch (Take It Off, #1) - Cambria Hebert This is a Cambria Hebert book. I am a recent addition Cambria Hebert book hoarder club. She has a way with the plot and the characters in her books that just pulls me in and makes me tuck the book close to my heart and sigh and swoon over it all the way (though this feat is a bit difficult ti accomplish on an ereader compared to the old fashioned books). This is a Cambria Hebert book. That means I should have also been shielding myself for insta-love. Which I was. And yet it caught me unawares. Torch is a pretty good book. But it is also a pretty cookie cutter story. I adore Cambria Hebert for her eccentric plot leaps and unexpected revealings - on that front this book fell short compared to her Heven and Hell series or Death Escorts series. But since this a contemporary fiction there is only so much she can do to shock me, so that was understandable. (And shocking me part too she managed, even more than once). I loved the characters - both Holt and Katie were good and their chemistry was absolutely scorching. But I would have liked it better if there would have been more time for the heat to simmer up rather than burst from the first few pages. Not that it really mattered to me by the end. I also didn't understand why there was need to put an ex-wife in the equation. She had no role and did nothing to further the plot at all. The reason for all the attempts in Katie's life seemed somewhat inadequate and I would have preferred to have more drama and intrigue here. Also the villains were laughably cheesy. The story of Katie's past was surprising and interesting at first but after everything, it just left a meh feeling in me. It left me feeling that everything was tacked in roughly without polishing the plot line. But what really made the book for me was Holt and Katie's relationship. Yes, it was insta. And yes, I would've preferred for the timeline to be longer for them before the feelings deepened. But - and yes there is another but - their understanding of each other evev within the short time was so sweet. After everything Katie had been through, Holt was there to calm her and support her and also there to protect her all the way to the end. AND HE DID NOT GO ALL DOMINATING TYRANT ALPHA MALE ON HER. He defo deserves extra brownie points for that. 3.5 StarsThis was a book I really enjoyed reading, and probably will also recommend for my friends looking for something nice to read. But it will not stand out to me among the hundreds of books I read, unlike Hebert's other books do. But this does not mean I'm not compulsively waiting for the sequel. It is such a TEASE.