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Tease (Take It Off #2)

Tease (Take It Off #2) - Cambria Hebert Here's the thing.This book is cheesy. Predictable. Has insta-love. A storyline that has been done a billion times over. A formula hero. A formula heroine.I knew the entire story before I had picked the book up.Expectation: Eyerolls and scoffing at the predictability and more eyerolls.Reality: Melting down into a puddle of swoon every time Cam said one of his cheesy lines and goddammit were they cheesy.Because sometimes, the formula actually works.I have read almost ALL of Cambria Hebert's books. And I still have no idea why each time I think my expectations and what her book provides will match. They never have before.I LOVED THIS BOOK - OKAY! ALL MY FRIENDS WHO HAVE GIVEN ME THE STINK-EYE WHEN I'VE TRASHED ABOUT THEIR FAVORITE CHICK-LIT BOOKS CAN STOP LAUGHING NOW.This book was typical in the sense it followed all cookie-cutter ideas that have been used in a book with a stripper protagonist. Plot-wise it was predictable to a fault. But there is something in Cambria Hebert's writing that calls to me. The same something in her Heven and Hell series or Death Escorts books that even as I curse the things in the books that I hate I could not not like the book.Same was with Tease.The characters were refreshing. They were funny. The dialogues were hilarious. I clicked with them.Love was insta, but I have not found a Cambria Hebert book where it isn't.And Cam - Cam, Cam, Cam - hot, cheesy, 'I was a playboy before I put my eyes on you' Cam - who fell for the heroine I have NO idea why Cam. I'm sorry, you need to scrape me off the floor from the puddle of goo I have become in order for me to finish this train of thought. Cam was just - Cam. And I LOVED him.I just have been in a downer streak with the past few books I've read - the romance was starcrossed, depressing, possibly ending in betrayal or death. So to find a normal couple who loved each other while joking and laughing and did not end up breaking my (or each other's) hearts were most welcome.Harlow is cool too - but this book was all about Cam's cheesiness. And the secondary characters, i.e. Adam and Roxie, were nice too. But I didn't really care about them much. But I do want them to have a novella or something - I see a definite potential there.And Cam was sexy - but I think that is self understood from all of my rambling up there.And there was a bit of stupidity book heroines are prone to, hero complex book heroes have and too much of sex that is in trend in NA books even when the story does not really demand the characters to get hot and heavy. But I am ready to overlook that at the cost of that single star.But here's the thing. If this were NOT a Cambria Hebert book I may have never picked it up. If I was not so blue and depress-y I may not have liked it as much. But the setting, the mood, the lightness of the story were all perfect for me at this moment.I mean, this book brought me out of the blue mood I have been in for a while. Of course I loved it.4 Stars**********************Pre-Release Review:Me wants this book right fucking now.