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Morningside - Ashley Madau This ebook was provided to me by the author in exchange of an honest review.My opinion never been so conflicted towards a book (except maybe for The Fault in our Stars). When I started reading it, I doubted I could get to the end. The first few chapters were badly written, sketchily described and very, very hard to get into. I dropped the book at first after reading some thirty pages. Then, weeks later I picked it up again. And I read it. And it got better.And better.And better.I liked the way Ava grew in the story. I liked the way the love triangle was handled - I didn't have the urge to curse it all the way to hell. But you can also see Madau's writing improving as you read the book. A lot was happening too quickly at the beginning and it was hard for me to keep track of the progression of the story. I was glad to see the way the author managed to tie everything up together later.The premise and the setting in which the whole story was completely different from what we are used to. The vampire worlds is shown differently from what we are used to in YA books and that really caught my attention. The MC's struggle between two parts of herself was interesting - though poorly described at times. But the thing is as I continued reading I got so caught up in what was happening I was willing to ignore the little glitches here and there. And thus the extra one star instead of the two I would've given.The ending was pure torture.PHASES OF MY MIND THROUGHOUT THIS BOOKBefore reading First few chaptersThe next few chaptersThe next next few chaptersThe Ending.......NO MISS MADAU YOU CANNOT END A BOOK LIKE THAT! WHERE THE FUCK IS MY SEQUEL???!!!