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To Catch A Pirate

To Catch a Pirate - Jade Parker It is so refreshing to read a bad book once in a while. I've been on a streak for amazing books for quite a bit too long that this came as the perfect dose of idiocy. I did not need to think. I did not care for the characters. There was really no emotional strain on me. It did not matter who was hurt and who died and who was planning what. I just did not care. The writing was desperately trying to be good but awkward and unsuccessful. The plot was so obvious and used up you can probably guess it from the get go. The characters all had ONE personality. Combined. I read the book for humor and romance but the best the book got out me was a groan and the romance was so cheesy that it could feed an entire colony of micr for days. All in all - it was perfect for me to read right now. My emotions have been untangled. And I don't fucking care about this book any more. 1.5 Stars. Because I don't care. Now back to my good reads streak.