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Taste - Kate Evangelista Taste has an interesting premise. Rather than the norm vampire, werewolves or angels this book contained Zhamvis... flesh eating zombie-like monsters who still have functioning brains. The whole concept of underground Zhamvi civilization was cool. The book was good but despite being this close it wasn't great. Why? Because for most of the book it seemed that the writer was not sure about the plot.The blurb reminded me of Vampire Knight, Volume 1 but apart from there being Day students and the elusive Night students, there are no further similarities. The Day students have no idea of the existence of a whole different group of students who go to their school. The Night Class here is comprised of Zhamvis. Phoenix in an act of total carelessness misses her curfew by falling asleep in the library and stumbles upon the secret world of Zhamvis. And the rest, we can say, is history.There is nothing new about the story. It is a blend of everything that has already been tried a lot in YA genre. Everything was fairly predictable from start to end. The love triangle between Demitri, Luka and Phoenix was kind of obvious and it kind of sucked that one guy would get the girl while the other one got his heart broken. I also found a bit of inconsistency in the book and a few plotholes. Like in the beginning Luka makes Demitri kneel in front of him and Demitri tell Phoenix that he had saved her life from Luka. Later we find out that Luka and Demitri are working together against the Traditionalists and Luka would never taste human flesh. Also Phoenix's strengths and powers while she was Dray's lab-rat is also debatable.But I really liked Kate's writing. It kept me reading on even if the storyline won no brownie points from me. Her description of the Zhamvi city, her character building was amazing. I especially liked Dray, the shy clumsy scientist who was trying to save his race. But the main protagonists were too unoriginal for me. Taste was a really nice effort for a debut author. Kate Evangelista has a lot of promise as a writer and I am sure I will read more of her books, if she writes, in the future.