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Charade - Cambria Hebert Awesome. Hell. Wow. Feels, so many feels..This is not really a review. This is the explanation why a book I almost DNF'd turned out to be one of the better books I read this year. Because Cambria Hebert is insane. And I love her for itShe takes risks in her plots, ones out of our wildest imaginations and that is why her stories actually stand out and work for me. To say I was disappointed with Charade, at the beginning was an understatement. I was mighty pissed. Why?It was turning to be like every cookie cutter YA book we could find scattered around. I was so excited to see where the story goes in here, the ending of Masquerade being so promising. And what did I get?Sam became a tyrant. Bully. Protective beyond the point of suffocation. And yet conveniently absent when demons attacked. Heven was a poor meek damsel in distress who whined about Sam having to always protect her from the biggie baddies. And she did not listen to Sam's genuine concerns about the task that must be fulfilled. And of course Cole. Heven pulling the "I love Sam but I have a connection with Cole that I just cannot deny" was getting a bit too Twilighty for me. I was mad enough at Hebert for trying to squeeze in a love triangle that was NOT needed and butchering the characters I came to love in the first book. What rational explanation could be there to make this all okay?There was none. So you know what Hebert did? She brought an insane explanation. Out of my wildest imagination. And I almost shat on myself and gulped down everything she gave me. Mind blown. I would scream at the characters to communicate with each other and not keep secrets. But before I could finsih ranting about this, about itty bitty Logan, suspicious coincidences, weird people or funny injuries that they brush off and not tell each other Heen and Sam would, exactly one page later have a converstation addressing all of my issues. Every time. I'd begrudge Hebert for making them so nearsighted and then - BAM! I'd be blindsided. Two things would be explained with six hundred and ninety eight more questions. She did not even leave me time enough to complain about things. I was hooked lined and slinkered into the book entirely. And my theories? All crap. I couldn't have guessed how everything went. Ever. Yet I say with great pride that two of my guesses were correct. Let us all forget the other ones that Hebert so evilly destroyed. And thus by the last page it won my full concentration, loyal reading and love in the entirety. This book was bloody brilliant in terms of mindfuckery. And undoubtedly, Tirade will also prolly be the same bag of unexpected treats with yucky flavored candies covering the yummy ones below. But seriously, had there been a love triangle I would have burned my copy of Charade (pity I was reading an ebook version). 4 Stars