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The Well of Ascension  - Brandon Sanderson This should have been a five star book. This would have been a five star book. But with the memories of all the whining Elend and Vin indulged in I just couldn't let myself be as blown away as I should have. Let this stand as an example of why romance is unnecessary in some stories. Also, I missed Kelsier terribly. He was the foundation the first book was based on. Everything was made much better by his presence. Praise the Lord Survivor. May he watch over the third book for posily psychotic love interests.Yes, this is just a rant. And yes, Zane was a wonderful crafty INSANE mastermind but could Sanderson not have forced a love triangle on the story? The romance - as I mentioned before - gave me a migraine. He turned Vin into a whiny insecure idiot. This in turn made Elend also an insecure indecisive idiot. Which in turn almost destroyed the book for me.But he was one Heckuva Mistborn.The Inquisitor Spike on his back, right? And the God in his head was just the Deepness, right?And we had betrayals from the most trusted but I relished that. And so much of fighting...And Dafuq was up with Dox? Up until his death that is - of course he had a great epiphany then. I wanted to smash his face with my pewter strength. While burning that aluminum alloy Vin uses. Everything else though - was kickass. But I still taketh away that star that this book deserves. Stupid romance destroys an epic book. 4 Stars