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The Dream Thieves - Maggie Stiefvater This book was the sequel to The Raven Boys. So of course I had to love it on principle. Steifvater just made that easier for me by penning down a story that is not only amazing but also unforgettable.I still liked The Raven Boys better – but since my ranking for THAT book is so exceptionally high it does not really reflect poorly upon The Dream Thieves. At all.This book was filled with some of the same old feels that had plagued me in The Raven Boys as well as a few newer ones. This book was a bundle of feels for me. That awful heartbreaking knowledge that Gansey is going to die in a few months.Shouting “Get away from Blue Adam! She’s Gansey’s!!” at the book.Over-analyzing every single teeny meeny minuscule instance of Gansay-Blue interactions for hints of a blossoming romance.And the creepy-crawlies. We get plenty of them too.And holy-i-almost-shat-on-my-pants-from-the-sheer-awesomeness dreams that Ronan had. And all the important and not-so-important revelations that this book had.I always almost in a perpetual state of goosebumps.The growth seen in each and every one of the characters was amazing. Their roles were deeper here, less childish and the friendship and camaraderie between them was just too precious.But not as precious as Blue and Gansey slowly falling for each other. No wham-bam-insta-love here. And the entire process was as heartbreaking as it was beautiful. And one cannot help but be reminded that Gansey is going to die each time we meet him in the book and I cannot help but curling up into a ball and crying and cursing Steifvater for creating a story that is its own brand of emotional torture. And Blue cannot kiss Gansey and Gansey cannot kiss Blue and they look at each other and I see them in my head and I start to almost cry again because Gansey is going to die and he does not know and Blue does not know how to tell him and... I am rambling. But I do know that if Gansey knew that he would kiss Blue and die anyway and that just makes me want to take away all the sadness in me. It is just so bloody sad.And I HATED Adam in this book. My mild dislike for Adam for coming between Gansey and Blue that I felt in the first book disappeared, true. But the way he always compares Gansey’s friendship with money, makes essentially EVERYTHING about money and add to that Adam’s own battered sense of self-worth and how he wants to be his own person and not accept charity and blah blah blah… but what I hated the most was that it was only with Gansey. With others he had not as many qualms accepting help. He was a shitty friend through and through and controlling Cabeswater’s ley lines didn’t make him as better as I had expected he would be. I wish he would be the one to die, not Gansey.And Noah.. poor dead Noah who watches his friends who are alive while he is not and yet tries to live with them. I wish I had a friend like him minus the dead part, of course. He was sweet, kind, playful and sad. But everything about this book is sad.And there is Gansey’s, everybody’s, quest for Glendower that is getting somewhere and nowhere at the same time. And time’s a-ticking again reminding me Gansey is gonna die…But that is not really all that The Dream Thieves is about.This is Ronan’s story. Angry, angst filled Ronan’s story. His secrets. Some magical, some not so magical. His inner conflict. His dreams slowly bleeding into reality. His family. My heart broke for Ronan so many times in this book that I gave up counting. We see behind his angry façade and meet the carefree happy Ronan Gansey once talked about. We see that his anger is not really a façade. There are so many sides to Ronan and so many things about him that we could not even guess He is gay… but I had guessed that a few chapters in and his affinity to dreams and he way he steals objects from his dreams to bring back to the reality.He is the keeper of secrets and also has many of his own.And he also speaks to trees – but we already knew that.I missed Blue’s crazy family here, though they did cheer me up whenever they made an appearance. But this book was not about Blue but about Ronan and we did get a lot of Lynch action. But no matter whose side of the story we are reading – Ganesy, Blue, Ronan or Adam – the centre of the story was always Gansey. And this makes this book even more beautiful because Gansey is one of those characters – once you wish you could just pluck out of the book and keep with you forever.Steifvater’s writing in this series is so beautiful and lyrical that it is like magic in itself. Not like Shiver. Not like The Scorpio Races which too I love to death. But there is something so soothing about the way the words flow that I sometimes just put my Kobo down and soaked in the beauty of it. Also there may be more highlighted text than non-highlighted ones in my arc.4.5 Stars…magic is real, magic is real, magic is real.