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Rewrite Redemption - J.H. Walker I was confused as to whether to give this book 3 stars or 4 stars. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this but I realized I had a few issues with this book that I just couldn't get past.Mainly, the insta-love.One may argue that the love is not really insta and it takes almost 50% of the book for feelings deeper than attraction (which, I concede CAN be insta) to be mentioned. Yes - but exactly how many meaningful conversations did the two MCs have with each other before falling in love?For the guy - ZEROFor the gal - ONE.Point = madeAnd Constantine's stupidity and jumping into wrong conclusions. And being an idiot.Me whipping out Harry Potter gifs is self-explanatory to how big of an idiot.And the ending - it was such a cacophony of confusions that I had to read the entire last chapter twice to understand how every tiny side-plot came around together. I don't have anything against happy endings but too happy? LIKE IMPOSSIBLY SUDDENLY EVERYTHING IS RIGHT IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD HAPPY? Yup, those I have something against. It's called Logic.And - thazzit. Now that the rants are out let me say what I exactly liked about the book.That little key or clock-hands above each chapter number that showed whose PoV the chapter is gonna be in. Cute, really. Though it did take me a while to figure out what Con's little figure actually meant.Ipod's nickname. AJ-Lex-Ipod's super gang. They r-u-l-e-d.Lex's I-iz-God attitude. And snark. That girl was supercool. I almost had a little girl-crush on her. Almost.Con's first 'sight' of AJ. Super corny, maybe, and super cheesy too but you hafta give it to the guy for making it seem so romantic.And also - the teenagers? Yep, they actually talk like teenagers. Not conversing by using plethora of SAT worthy words in their scintillating dialogues. No whippin' out wild lingos to make them cool either. They talked like normal, REAL teenagers. Super Yay for that. But most of all I L-O-V-E-D the concept of the story.Time-travelling by mapping time matrices through trees? Super tiny alien genes working hidden within us? Super Duper secret organization twisting the past to smooth the working of the world for the future?Whoda thunk, right?I loved the way everything was chalked up to science rather than magick and even though string theory does not really work that way, it did make for a cool explanation. I felt like Ipod in Geekland. Oh, the possibilities...I liked the conversations between Con and AJ... as few and far between that they were. There was a definite chemistry there and obvious interest on both sides and how both of them missed it I HAZ no clue. Though, as I've already mentioned I would have liked this a hell lot better if the author had given a chance for the love to grow slowly with real not-best-friend-as-a-messenger interactions between the love-birds.And also there was no BEST FRIEND/PARENTS DISAPPEARING SYNDROME in this book like in so many YA books. Kudos to that. And thank God too. I would've missed Liz terribly.And the time manipulation - it rocked. Usually in some books (*ahem*[b:Old Magic|565595|Old Magic|Marianne Curley|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1300143395s/565595.jpg|552706] *ahem* [b:Hourglass|9182478|Hourglass (Hourglass, #1)|Myra McEntire|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1360175970s/9182478.jpg|8767007] *ahem*) all the consequences the change of past would have in the future are not considered. The result: HELLO LOOPHOLES. But not here. The time travel was mostly loophole free except for that exceedingly happy ending. The consequences and results of tampering with one's timeline as well as others' was shown nicely and I could almost always believe it.But I do wish the Guild would have had more to contribute in the story. A super-secret organization with alien technology that can change past events deserves a heckuva lot more featuring than as a sidenote to the plot. And a convenience for the super happy ending - which I still disapprove of.This was a nice, cool read. It was a fresh take on the Time-travelling theme and I must say aliens and trees were a nice touch. An overall good read - and if not for the minor issues I mentioned earlier would've been a great one.3.5 StarsThis ebook was provided to me for free by the author for review purposes.