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Horrorscape (Horrorscape, #2) - Nenia Campbell Well, fuck. Intense. Creepy. And absolute mindfuckery. But then again this is a Nenia Campbell book. And sequel to Fearscape at that. What else did I expect? Or want?But I liked Fearscape better. Here's the thing.Horrorscape is a lot more creepier than Fearscape. It's scarier especially since we already know how sick of a fuck Gavin really is. We already know that GM is Gavin and we are screaming at Valerian to not fall for his tricks - again. This book was really damn good - but was missing something vital that it didn't in Fearscape (or in Terrorscape - but that's something for later).The intense chemistry that Gavin and Val have.Here was chemistry, yes. And there was intensity. And that would have been enough for any other Hunter-Prey duo. But Gavin and Val seemed to burn right out of the pages before. Now though, Gavin's interest in Val was cold and clinical and I missed the fire.Gavin was scarier here, especially because there was no pretense in his actions this time. And he was acting 100% the psychopath he was. No more charming art student routine. Valerian was meeker, more subdued but was expected of after everything she had been through. But her relationship with James I did not like or understand. Nor did I like the abruptness with which the other creepy kids - Jason, Charlie and Brent - were inside the story. Not that they didn't fit in with the plot - cuz they did. I just wanted to know how the fuck Gavin came across these twisted kids. Then again I ALWAYS wonder how the fuck Gavin comes up wih everything he does.But again not to say it didn't keep me on the edge of my sanity. Or fucked with my senses. Or made goosebumps crawl all over my skin. .4 StarsI am just too glad that I already had Terrorscape to read as soon as I finished this. Too damn GLAD.