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Ashes - Ilsa J. Bick This book was pretty difficult to rate and make up my mind about.First half 4 StarsBecause it was good. Really good. Freaky EMP ray hits changing the world. Teenagers turning into flesh wating mindless zombies and our characters needing to brave survival in the wilderness. And add to that Ilsa J Bick's creepy way of narration - I WAS HOOKED.50-95% 2 StarsBecause it sucked. Really sucked. Not 1-Star sucked because the writing was still bearable. But the plot went to hell. My post-apocalyptic survival tale just turned into a crappy dystopia. Rigid Rules, Idiotic leaders and idioticer heroine staying there. Why? Dafuq would I know. And of course - LOVE TRIANGLE. No, please no.Last 5% 4.5 StarsBecause I was suddenly hooked again. And creeped out. Definitely a win. LOVED the ending.Rating = ((4*50)+(2*45)+(4.5*5))/100 = 3.125 Stars - rounded off to 3 StarsSimple, really.