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Personal Statement - Jason Odell Williams This is a really difficult book to write a review for. Reading it I was transported a year back when I was slaving over college applications and trying to draft the perfect personal statement. What I wouldn't have given for a Hurricane Sandy then just to have something to write about.I could relate to this story perfectly. I could understand the pressure the characters were in with their future on the line, the cutthroat competition and the need to excel above and beyond all others that drove them forward. The fact that Williams infused a healthy dose of humor to show it surely helped. This is a story that deserved to be told - and Williams has done an excellent job of it. I am usually wary of books written in multiple PoVs because the characters all sound like rinse-lather-repeat versions of each other. Not here. Each character's narrative has its own brand of uniqueness that belies their personality and...*cue drumroll*They are NOT one-dimensional. Also the growth of the characters as they found themselves in the span of the book was smooth, believable and completely relatable. That is definitely a win-win situation for me. At the beginning, it was sorta confusing with so many characters being introduced separately and me having to keep track of who's who. But as their stories got intertwined and the the plot picked up I was completely and wholly hooked. This book was unabashedly honest about the selfish workings of the human mind and as much as it made me laugh while showing me this - bravo! to the author. Recommended to anyone who has ever been a student. 4 StarsThis ebook was provided to me by the publishers in exchange of an honest review.