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Renegade (Heven and Hell, #4) - Cambria Hebert There is going to be a spinoff series for Riley, right? He's gonna be totally badass and grow wings for his hound and fly away to heaven and kick all those angel bastards' asses, right?I am not at all ready to be finished with this series and these amazing characters. :'( God help me. What can I say? This book rocks. Best book in the series so far. And if you've read the first three books - prepare to be mindfucked completely. Everything you believed about this series was a lie. Damn, but that smarted. Sam was still a hellhound though. 5 Riley Stars I need more of his snark and sweet. I LOVE YOU RILEY STONE. I know this review makes no fucking sense whatsoever but whaddya expect? I just had my brain melted from too much awesomeness.