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Tirade (Heven and Hell, #3) - Cambria Hebert I'm not sure if this is the moment to drop my jaws in horror for all that went wrong out there Or shout out with glee - I FUCKING KNEW IT!!!Damn, but it feels good to be right, for once. Tirade was a tiring book - too many emotions, too much of drama and I am not sure I am finished processing all of that yet. And that motherfucker of an ending? Well that is a wholly different dimension that my brain is even not comprehending right now. This book was good - but more of the same. In the sense that in the crappy first half of the book Hebert scared the bejesus out of me showing the possibilities of a love triangle and then in the latter half blindsided me with shockers over shockers. And damn, but were they shocking. Trying to keep up with Hebert here is exercise in futility. But not trying to brag or anything but I totally guessed that ending. Amazing series, really. One only needs the patience to go past the first few chapters. And I cannot determine if this is a deliberate move on the author's part or not. 3.75 Stars