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Charmed - Cambria Hebert Before writing a review for Charmed I will tack in all of the things about Recalled that ticked me off. Because they are operative to understand why I liked Charmed so much better and I am too lazy to go write another review for Recalled.Things that were wrong with Recalled Spoiler Alert!-Dex took the Grim Reaper's deal a bit too enthusiastically without thinking of all the repercussions, i.e. the fact that he was NOT a killer.-Piper's belief that being with Dex was like betraying the-boy-who-died.-The fact that I still do not know Dex's REAL name.-The fact that I could have killed Piper four hundred and twenty one times if I were Dex.-The fact that GR gave Dex two freaking months to kill a girl he could have offed in two minutes.-Charming being like a bad Bond villain who was all bark and no kill. It was annoying. HE was supposed to be the BEST DAMN ESCORT.-Dex's monologues. They got on my nerves.-GR's threats about Recalling. Idk, they just pissed me off.-Piper's visions were just a plot-device rearing out when convenient and hiding when not.Ohhhhkayyy. Now that they've been put forth I'll make clear that I was impressed with Hebert's writing and her smooth style of injecting humor in her words. I was annoyed at Recalled but I did not really ever HATE it. Cambria Hebert actually won my respect on that one with that fucking shocker of an ending she pulled. Kudos. (And I now think I really should've written a review for Recalled).Charmed, well, I absofreakinglutely loved Charmed. TOTALLY HOT. TOTALLY AMAZING. TOTALLY THE MIX OF SWOON AND SPUNK AND SNARK AND LOVE. AND HE WAS THE BEST DAMN ESCORT. IGNORE THE BAD BOND VILLAIN COMPARISONS. HE IS EVEN BETTER THAN BOND HIMSELF!Charming's name is awful. It is so awful that it fits his I-am-a-God's-gift-to-women attitude perfectly. Let's put Charming in this way. He is an arrogant asshole who kills for a job and does not give a fuck about it at all and... that's it. He's sexy and he knows it. Insufferable pig. You know what he's actually like?He's actually like the Dante Walker I pictured for [b: The Collector|13449677|The Collector (Dante Walker, #1)|Victoria Scott|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1363269053s/13449677.jpg|18970909] by Victoria Scott would be and did not get. (Just read that blurb and imagine the sexy mofo that jumps out in your head. Add two more pints of sexy and you get Charming.)And Frankie - oh God, she's perfect. Perfectly annoying, cute and the exact opposite of Charming. Reading Recalled I could have NEVER pegged them to be a couple but reading Charmed I cannot see it going as anything else.The story is interesting and you cannot guess what the characters will do - even if it seems so obvious at first. I have to give it to Hebert, she is not afraid of taking crazy plot leaps. And that works for me.I missed Frankie and Piper's friendship in this book. It seemed bland compared to Recalled. But the moments that these two girls were together, they showed perfect camaraderie and girl-power! Even though Charming was perfectly insufferable and the star of the book, Frankie did not let him overshadow her and kicked his ass whenever.And also, Charming does boxing. So sexy. LIKE SOOO SEXY. Especially in the prologue. Hot damn.And he is a badass.And he calls Frankie George.And he rocks.And he does whatever the fuck he wants.And he gives shit back to the GR. And does not get lost in boring monologues.And did I mention again that he is a badass?I LOVED THE GUY!This is actually what NA books should be. Fun, adventurous, sexy. Not broken tales of broken heroes and broken heroines trying to piece back their broken lives (not that I have anything against them but they are getting a tad bit too repetitive).4 Charming StarsPS. Am I the only one seeing a Storm brewing in the third book because of Piper's music? ;) And me thinks GR is also going to want some affection he has been denied for centuries... Hmmmm....