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Masquerade - Cambria Hebert I should have probably hated this book.Maybe not the most dazzling opening I could give this review but it is oh-so-true.Why?Let us see these points:-Insta-love. The @#$&%^*!!!~~~-The I-am-bad-for-you-but-I-just-cannot-stay-away line-The Damsel in Distress-The Villain(who is referred to as The Hate)'s PoV seems like something out of a C-List thriller movie.-The big hole left in the story where I can totally see a character weaseling their way in as the new corner of an unwanted love triangle.-The cheesy lines. Nah, make it super cheesy lines.-The stalking behavior by the hero. And sneaking in her bedroom window while she slept to keep her 'safe'. But thank god for small favors that he sang no lullabiesThis book contains all the cliches I can ever think of in a Paranormal YA book. It had plenty of the eyeroll worthy moments that did get the eyeroll they deserved from me. But two things saved this book from being a total disaster.-Sam's PoV - This actually made him seem less of a stalker and his hounding (see what I did there?) of Heven was *almost* understandable given the circumstance.-The Plot. ZOMG THE PLOT!!There were SO MANY twists and turns in the story that it kept me guessing till the last page. And you would not believe it - I WAS RARELY RIGHT!! There are so many things happening and so many parts to the story and Sam and Heven are pawns in such exciting stuff ~ I JUST LOVE IT! Damn, but Cambria Hebert can keep a girl on her toes till the very end.It actually made me glad not to have given hope up due to the pathetic instalove and braving the rest of the pages. SO very Glad!The sequels holds a lot of promise But I'm already halfway through and sorta disappointed. Hope it picks up though! and I really cannot wait to see how everything will come out.Also Down with Love Triangles. If Cole turns into a Jacob Black THERE WILL BE BLOOD!3.01 Stars