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The Collector - Victoria Scott Here comes a review that has been a very long time overdue.I had been excited for this book over a year before its release date. I mean look at the blurb, the descriptions and all those teeny little heart tickling excerpts of Dante that Victoria Scott had so craftily released for us. I was overjoyed when I was provided an ARC of this book by Entangled and I gobbled it up as soon as I got it.So why, one may wonder, is the review rearing its head almost four months after I had read this book? Because I could not get my rants in check in this period enough to write a legible review. Had I written a review as soon as I had read The Collector, it would have read something like:"What the fish Dante? Are you freakin' kidding me? Huh? This then that? I KNEW IT, THIS WAS SO OBVIOUS! Dante you are an idiot. Charlie???? Oh, righht... the female protagonist. Almost forgot she existed.Shut the full cup Dante. Just shut the full cup.".....And that would be it. I know, its heartbreaking how big of a wasted potential this book turned out to be.Anybody's ability to like this book depends upon their ability to like Dante. He is funny, sexy, arrogant and a complete asshole - the Mecca of all YA reader's bad boy fantasies. But the problem with ideals is that they have already appeared as a 'rinse-lather-repeat' of the same brand of arrogance and asshollery (assholeness?) already in some other book. I did not find anything new in Dante Walker that blew my mind away. After a first few chapters of witty lines even his brand of humor started to grate on my nerves and annoy the heck out of me.The problem? Dante makes all those stupid idiotic mistakes female YA heroines tend to do. Not the he sounded like a chick (thank god!) but somehow he still managed to be shallow, stupid with a great case of nearsightedness and an irritating tendency to think he's funny while he's spewing one-liners that do not make sense in the situation. Another problem? Charlie. The chick with the dude's name. Dante's love interest. The most useless character since the apple in Twilight. I tended to forget she existed even while I was reading a scene she was in. And her emotions. And the insta-lurrrrve. And of course her (and Dante's) shallowness. Despicable.And the biggest problem? THE STORY DID NOT MAKE SENSE! Why, oh why was entirety of Heaven and Hell focus on pwoo wittle Charlie? Why her soul was so wanted. You can never guess it. Not because here lies such a great conspiracy that our minds cannot grasp through the intricacies of plot that has been created, no. But because THAT DOES NOT FUCKING MAKE SENSE. THAT IS NOT AN EXPLANATION. I FEEL CHEATED OUT OF A PERFECTLY GOOD SURPRISE. It sucks.Also I loved Blue. And Valerie. The only two characters who made sense. I don't know what that says about everyone else.So, I tried to like the book, I really did. But even I could feel my efforts failing as I turned each page.2.5 Stars and only because despite everything parts of it could still make me laugh.This ebook was provided to me by the publishers via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.