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Sempre - J.M. Darhower 4.5 starsThis book is the YA godchild of The Godfather. I fell in love with the cover first rather than the book. But the book was pretty damn awesome too.This is not your typical YA book. It has underground Italian mafia, it has black market human trafficking and bound slaves. It has guns and action and romance and a story that captures your attention. The plot is a bit slow at times with romance between Carmine and Haven taking more part of it but the overall book is a great package.What I really liked about the book was that the characters were fresh. Yes, Carmine was a grade-A asshole like almost all YA heroes (maybe even more) but he had no sad backstory or a demonic curse or a hidden good guy beneath a facade. He was every bit the douche. He was selfish and bratty and had a violent streak. He was moody and rude and hardly apologized for it. And he had a gun - like a real gun with bullets and stuff that he used. And he gave his father a rifle as a gift. Again a real rifle with bullets and stuffs. That cost six grands. That could kill people. In other words, he was a guy ready to join the mafia someday and fully prepared to do so - whether he thought he wanted it or not.I also liked the meek and weak slave girl Haven. Though I usually like my protagonists with a bit of steam, Haven was supposed to be fully dependent on Carmine to come running to save her ass whenever she was in trouble and that is what she did. I mean, she was forced to work for a cruel guy as an unpaid human slave her entire life. She was tortured and beaten and starved and treated less than human. The way her character slowly adjusted to normal life and grew in the span of the book was completely believable (though I did want to roll eyes at her naivety once or twice and also thought How the hell did a slavegirl know about this? once or twice. The Jeopardy was a smart move though!!)I found the twists in the book totally predictable. But still the plot was smooth and I really liked the writing style. The book was longer than the books I usually read but it didn't turn me off. If food and sleep hadn't come in the way I would've finished this book in single read. But I really, really, really liked the ending. It was not really a surprise but I had expected something different the way the story had gone. But I really hope there will not be a sequel! This book is great as a standalone.Sempre is a really great book with a fresh touch and a must-read if you are tired of the usual YA crap and are looking for something different.