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The Sweetest Dark - Shana Abe Why does this book have a sequel? The ending was perfect - heartbreaking but perfect.You know - one of those moments when reading a book you have guessed what is to happen and yet while you keep dreading that and your heart breaks and scatters all over the place, you cannot wish for anything else to happen because a happier ending might not always be the better one?I am crying as I write this review - because this book tells the story of the kind of love people dream about. I did not expect myself to like this book so much even as I was reading it. It was predictable - annoyingly so. It was very cliche - from the hastily drawn love triangle to lonely heroine with powers unbeknownst to her and bitchy spoilt girls rounding up on the said poor heroine. During the first few chapters I had to drag myself through the book. The last few chapters too I had to drag myself through - only because I could not bring myself to put the book down.This book is not without flaws - I'll admit that. The beginning was really weak. The characterizations - in the beginning - were inconsistent, especially that of Armand and Sophie. There were hardly any reasons why Armand was so attracted to Lora or Lora to Jesse for that matter - but all the while in an almost fairytalesque way it reminded me true love does not need reasons. I know, right now I feel like a parody of my self that rants over insta-love too.But Jesse, bless my heart for it cannot hold any more love towards this boy, Jesse more than made up for any flaws this book may or may not have. He was beautiful. He was wonderful. He was the most perfect hero ever. His love for Lora had no bounds as he showed again and again and over again. For me, he was the soul of the entire book and the sole reason it got 4 stars instead of measly two.I was a bit apprehensive of Lora at the beginning but she grew on me. Maybe it was because there was less poor-girl-who-is-torn-between-two-perfect-guys bullshit in her than the blurb seemed to suggest. Most probably it was how she interacted with Jesse as the book continued - and how the two of them fell in love. Yes, I am a hopeless romantic. And YES, everything about this book revolves around Jesse for me.And as much as I hate love triangles, I really can't complain about the one in this book. I can actually understand why it is there and admit that yes, this series needs it. I am still not much convinced on Armand as a potential leading guy though I guess the sequel will change that.This is a cool new take on dragon stories - which I admit I don't read much. Abe's writing is beautiful though it seems to purplish on the prosing at times. I'll definitely check out her other books ASAP.The strongest part of the book though - for me - was the ending. I had guessed it from the get go, and yet it did not dull my emotions any. For that only I would commend Abe. The last chapter and that Epilogue were perfect. The story could very well end here than continue off to another book. But I will continue with it - and not just because I already have the sequel beckoning me on my reader. Because I am hopelessly hooked and I really wish the sequel will be good enough.And also, did I mention that Jesse is perfect? I did? Well, he is.4 Stars.This ebook was provided to me by the publishers via NetGalley in exchange of an honest review.