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Clockwork Princess - Cassandra Clare I am going to stray from the norm here. I did not like the way the love triangle was handled. Because I felt it was not fair to any of the three of them for things to be that way. Clockwork Princess is a beautiful end to one of my most favorite series ever. To think there shall be no more fights over William Herondale and wondering of who will Tessa turn up with. Cassandra Clare engrosses you in this final installment and makes your heart break over and over and yet you enjoy going through it. But the best part of the book was rooting for the not-main couples - Gideon & Sophie and Gabriel & Cecily. While Will, Jem and Tessa are intent on breaking our heart they will always bring a smile to our faces. And Magnus Bane - of course! He is the most Magnificent character ever written and to see him here and compare him to the Magnus Bane we have in The Mortal Instruments - precious. He is a close second to my Will as a favorite character. If only I could change the ending. Its not bad at all - and I know why many people would love it. But I sadly was not one of them. Another relief is that there shall be no more extra additions here like TMI - thank god!3 Stars.