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When Angels Fall - Stephanie Jackson So here be foulmouthed angels and sassy Daughter of God - who happened to be an atheist. When Angels Fall was a really fun read. It was an almost too unoriginal but made better by Gabriel and Michael's dirty mouth and Dani's downright sarcastic comments. "Gabriel really didn’t care for this woman at all; he found her to be rude, condescending, and crude. She had deep green eyes and long dark red hair. She was beautiful from a human perspective, but he understood why she wasn’t married."I liked this book despite my utter dislike of cheesy romances and insta-love - which this book has enough. There was something charming about all the characters and their interactions that did me in. Jackson has written something - whose plot though cannot claim to be the most original story out there definitely has something interesting going on for it that can easily reel the reader in. I liked the way angels were shown in the book - and Gabriel and Michael's relationship. Gabriel's hesitation in killing Lucifer was shown wonderfully as well as the creepy nature of Lucifer too. I did think the way every human's reaction - except Dani's - to the truth of Gabriel was overkill though. “It’s the only way to look at it. One of the four Archangels is in my house!” Dani said. “If my grandmother was still alive, she’d shit herself."After that little dose of instalove Gabriel and Dani's relationship improved drastically as the book progressed. My favorite character though, hands down, is Michael. I swear every time the Archangel came to earth I would die of laughing hearing all the shiz that came off his mouth. Random Michael Quote:"“It was nice,” Michael said, then paused and corrected himself, “No, it was much more than nice. Unless you experience it for yourself, it’s hard to understand why humans perform such a bizarre and messy act when they’re not trying to procreate."3.5 StarsThis book is perfect book for those looking for a light read with loads of romance going on with that.