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America's Red,White,And Blue (The Diamond's Titanium Personas,Book One:The Three Stars, #1) - Joshua Morgan,  Swan Christain I am still undecided on my rating for this book. It was disgustingly horrifying and violent and all sorts of eerie and creepy that brought goosebumps on my skin. And it had gore - loads and loads of gore.For a short book it packs a lot of power and I was floored by the story. I read it twice - I just couldn't put it down. But this book is NOT for everyone. Many would not get this confusing, frightening, violent story enough to enjoy it much.One major complaint I have is that this book reads like a first draft. Loads of grammatical errors, typos and punctuation errors plagued the book. I was easily distracted every few sentences - especially the quotation marks were reversed - and the Grammar Nazi in me could not just move past it. This definitely needs a thorough reread and edit.Definitely a book I will reread in the future when I am in need of gory, eerie reads.