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The Edge of Never - J.A. Redmerski Well here's a review that was a long time due. :/You know what I like the most about New Adult books as opposed to YA? The characters are older, wiser and tend to not be rash about their decisions and think like the mature adults that they are.Oh, wait...Let me rephrase that.The hero is HOT. The chemistry is scorching. And holy mother of sexual tension - the entire book is burning with anticipation of *when* the two protagonists will stop trying to pick apart on invisible strings and start swapping spit with each other. I am practically screaming at the characters to stop being dumbasses and get on with it. And enjoying every moment of it.Usually.In all fairness, this should have been a 5 star book. It was freaking amazing. But something called 'common sense' and 'maturity' that seemed to be lacking in the first few chapters along with 'bitchiness' that seemed to be on overload kept me back. Once Andrew made an appearance though... *swooon* This book has emotions. Lots of it. Sometimes it felt like the author had problems with where to put what. But the characters - they grew on me. They latched on to my heart and made me laugh, cry, smile, swoon - they poured all that overwhelming emotions into me. And I gobbled it all up.Honestly, the story doesn't bring anything new to us. A heroine who is running away from her life, a hero who is running away from his, these two strangers meet and get together into a road trip that will change both their lives forever. That is it. That was supposed to be it. But Redmerski created this simple tale with such love and care and a touch of 'real' that it turned out to be something completely different than what you would expect from the blurb. In a completely good way.So yeah, the characters were not mature all knowing adults at the beginning - but they grew to be so towards the end. And that is what really made the book for me.Oh, and Andrew. I drooled every time I read something from his point of view4.1 Stars