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Forged by Greed - Angela Orlowski-Peart Forbidden love between members of two enemy Shifter races... and not just any members but the Prince and the Princess themselves. Lies, treachery and trials between them - will their love be strong enough to survive?My reaction: Meh. Hmm.... Aha! *cough* *sputter* *cough* [repeat process]This book had too much PDA for my liking... especially in the first few chapters. I was sort of confused whether I did read the story from the middle of a series and there is another book before it on how Jatred and Jasmira fell in love. Also the conversations... the conversations seemed forced, not something people who were Shifters from the very beginning would have. Awk-ward sentences and references (though I do understand they were to make us understand about the entire story but I wasn't supposed to figure that out :/)As I kept reading it kept getting better. I enjoyed the other love story better though rather than that of the protagonists. Story wise this book was okay - fairly predictable but sweet nonetheless. The writing could use a bit of touching up but it wasn't loaded with errors that would put off the reader. I liked the way the scenes where the characters had shifted had been described from the quasi-animal point of view.A good book... it is really worth a read. I am really interested to know what happens next, especially with that ending. This ebook was provided to me by the author in exchange of an honest review.