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Shadowland - C.M. Gray When you read some books they make you feel like they were written specifically for you. Shadowland was THE book for me.If you ask me why I feel so, I have no specific answer. I loved the writing, I loved the characters, I loved the story - but I've said all these things already about the books that I have read before. But there was something almost magical, almost too hypnotic about this book that has kept me engrossed still.The story begins on a Midwinter's eve - an old storyteller sitting on a chair before the fire and the villager's surrounding him to listen to his tale. He begins his story, as every year and every villager hangs on his every word. Then an old friend of the storyteller enters and asks for a different story than he had started - a real story from the time when both of them were kids. He then tells a new story, a new compelling, addicting, story that blew me away.In an alternate world it would have been Gray sitting on that chair before the fire and I would have among the villagers hanging onto his every word. His story of bravery and justice and warriors and magic and druids and dark ages and... completely blown away. I was sucked into the little bubble of imagination that this book created inside my head and even while I took my sweet time reading this book, it ended too soon.This is not a perfect book by any means - but it is perfect for me. I haven't read books about the Dark Ages much, but this book made me want to pick out more. I loved the imagery, I loved the world and I loved the way the characters grew onto me within the span of the book.I will reread this book. Soon.This ebook was provided to me for free by the author. This has not had any influence on my opinion of the book.