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Puppet Parade - Zeinab Alayan 3.5 StarsGoodreads MUST put half star ratings! It must! Because while this book is not up to the par of a few of my 4 star books it is definitely better than 3 stars.3.75 StarsI think I'm being a bit too generous but I absolutely enjoyed the book. The entire book read like a fairytale to me... the characters were all a bit magical. My favorite is Andrew the Annoying ass.The book revolves around Oliver, a puppeteer and Sophie - a fairy-talesque Damsel in Distress character. Sophie lives with her (evil) stepmother who keeps her locked in her bedroom by telling her that Sophie is ugly and the entire world will hate her for her face. For eleven of her nineteen years Sophie had believed her stepmother an has not looked at her ugly face. Oliver's choice of livelihood - puppetry - was shunned by his father as worthless and Oliver has been living alone with minimum social contact carving wooden puppets and selling them. One fateful night though, with a wish under a falling star, both Sophie and Oliver get what they desire the most. Sophie escapes from her prison (a.k.a her bedroom) and Oliver's puppets mysteriously some to life. But both of them didn't realize what that wish could possibly mean.The characters at times seem younger than nineteen or twenty-five but that made the fairy-tale vibe work even better for me. It was like a princess and her knight out on a quest in a mysterious land. It was refreshing and entirely new to read. Apart from little issues which my overactive brain always seems to pick apart in a book I have no complaints with the book. I liked the way the different cities were described, along with different characters and I really enjoyed the read.I'd be sure to watch out for more books from the author.This ebook was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.