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Into the Night (Into the Night #1) - Jade Fowler Okay....*deep breath*I have no idea how to write this review. I am still not sure whether I totally hated this book, mildly hated this book, found it okay, enjoyed it or thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm sticking with the middle option for now.This book was totally different from what the blurb made me expect. I was expecting a book with lots of paranormal mystery, creepy creatures, bloody gory and violent fights and romance between Penny and Logan. Guess where my expectations were shoved to while reading this?The book starts off like the blurb promises. Logan is desperate to get a job and when he sees an advertisement in a newspaper seeking employees he jumps in without looking for further details. He gets the job and then only he finds out what it is (pfft..) He has to fight supernatural creatures for the entertainment of the obscenely rich and famous. Add to the mix his holy mother of insta-love crush on the resident vampire Pepper who has a reputation for sending all her opponents to the infirmary with more than one bone broken and his easy friendship with the resident psychic who can pick his thoughts right off his head and is an unhealthy obsession of a werewolf who believes her to be his mate. I was enjoying the read - with a few eyerolls in between - and then I have no idea what happened suddenly.I dub this part the line between before and after. Before is the story that runs parallel to the blurb and I completely understand what is happening. After is when I get completely whacked out by the story.I don't understand Penny and Zane's relationship. I don't understand Logan. I don't understand how it got so totally flipped that I had to question myself whether I was still reading the same book or I accidentally picked another book with coincidentally the same name as the characters here. To my utter surprise - that was not the case.Overall this was an maybe-okay book. A bit infuriating at times, a bit entertaining at times, sweet at times and mindnumbingly confusing at times. 2.5 Stars.This ebook was provided to me by the author in exchange of an hones review.