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My Name Is Memory - Ann Brashares Wow! That was….. unsatisying.Had I not been properly warned by all the reviews posted here for this book before, I might have actually looked for the remaining chapters of my copy. That is NOT an ending. It is not. Here I was happily reading along, concocting the worst possible scenarios in my head, enjoying my tour of the world in Daniel’s past lives, looking forward for Daniel and Lucy to get together in this life and again trying to imagine what ending could be bad enough to make everyone pull their hairs out. You might even be surprised by all the bad things my mind thought would happen.The ending sucked. Like REALLY SUCKED. This was by all means a 5 star book. The writing was beautiful, the story was flowing beautifully, and the characters were likeable. I liked Daniel’s old man narration – it sounded like what a 1500 year old guy searching over and over for the girl he loved would sound. Lot better than other guy with the same name in the same predicament and wings ever did. The only damper in this whole experience was that I was waiting to be disappointed as the remaining pages started to dwindle – and boy, did that suck.I can’t get over that ending. I can’t. It was as if Brashares sent over a manuscript missing a last few chapters and it was published right away. Once the deed was done it was too late to rectify the mistake. Because even if this is a part of a series and a next book will be coming this ending is totally unreal – it is the grandmother of cliffhangers. I seriously have NO other complaints with the book. 3 Stars until I get another copy of this one with the remaining chapters .