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Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone - Kat Rosenfield Dear Auntie,I am a proud Sparkler. I love ALL your posts. I think you are the best advice-giver in the entire universe. Everytime I read your posts I think Wow, she really understands us teenagers! (And I also love the pictures you put in your posts - but that is a completely different matter). So when I heard you had written a coming-of-age novel about a teenager I was beyond excited. I expected to read a book about teenage behavior and teenage growth. I expected to love it as much as, if not more, than your posts. I did not expect myself to have a love/hate reaction to your book.Since I finished reading it, I am in constant change of mind to either up the rating to 4 or down it to 2 stars. In the end I am letting it remain as it is. To put it simply, I loved your story, I really liked your writing, I found the pacing of the story okay and I loathed the characters (all of them). I did not expect myself to feel that this book was written by someone who was writing it out of a big fat stereotypical concept of what a teenager should be - but ultimately that was how I felt.I liked the concept of the book - how a girl waiting to leave her small town life behind for bigger things gets haunted by a murder in the otherwise quiet town and is forced to rethink everything she thought she knew about herself. The writing was poetic and flowing beautifully, (though I thought it was a bit overdone at times). The tying up of Becca's story and Amelia's story and the ongoing murder investigation felt a little awkward though. But what actually destroyed the book for me were the characters. I couldn't sympathize with them. I couldn't connect with them. I couldn't understand them.They did not feel like teenagers.There, I said it!Becca was selfish. She was essentially blind to everything going around her. Her obsession with the dead girl was instantaneous and hard to understand. And a little creepy. Her reasons for everything she did sucked. And nothing can never ever ever justify cheating in a relationship in any costs. The entire book was a pity party she was throwing for herself. She was so desperately trying to show that she was unlike the 'small town people' and above all that. And her attiude was...too prejudiced? Poor PeteCraigShe was, in short, everything I hated in a protagonist.James is an idiot. A desperate idiot without self-respect. And his relationship with Becca was... idiotic.I mean HE broke up with HER because SHE WAS LEAVING!! And then he comes back to her begging because he wanted her back? For the summer! It was a total sham.Amelia was selfish. Essentially a four-years-later version of Becca. But I did feel a little pity for her, given that she was dead and all. But her relationship with Luke blew my mind away. And not necessarily in a good way. Tell me this is not the entire story. Go on.Luke was a waste of space. That is the best thing I can say about him.The book is not bad - but it was pages of lost potential. It could have been so, so much better. But in a twisted way the book made kind of sense. But I still hated the ending - THAT is not - in any sane world - how the story should end.But I definitely will read more of your books - if you choose to write them because you are an awesome writer. I still love your posts.Sincerely,Me....PS I realized I could find a marvelous artwork of yours to explain most of the things in the book. So,Becca's attitude towards the locals Becca's attitude towards collegeBecca's attitude (overall)ORBecca and James' relationshipORAmelia's attitudeLuke's attitudeThe KillerMy feelings towards these charactersAnd at last but not the least, nothing to do with the book - just a reminder that you are awesomeI still love you Auntie! :D