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Blood and Snow Volumes 1-4: Blood and Snow, Revenant in Training, The Vampire Christopher, Blood Soaked Promises - RaShelle Workman 1.5 StarsThis is a collective review for the first four books in the series.Books like these make me want to smash my head on the wall repetitively because I cannot, just cannot, understand WHY this book has such high rating.*bangs her head on the wall again*I could not, at any given point in the story, understand Snow's reactions to events. How can somebody be so clueless? Really - the girl has no freaking idea what is going on and all explanations given to her ends up with her exploding off in a fit of temper which makes no sense whatsoever.Oh, and the love story. If I had not been reading an ebook version of this book I cannot guarantee what I would've done to this book. It was a total WTF! thing. I was thinking Geeez Snow! Make up your mind already! I could not even figure out which of the guys were love interests and which were not. *facepalm*You know what makes this worse? The book had such great potential. Snow White and vampires. Who could resist? I was expecting creepy vampires and an evil queen sending them to capture Snow. And action - all bloody and gory action. Instead, I got a book with pure and innocent Snow, who was clueless about all the guys around her tripping over their feet to get her *eyeroll* and of course her going on and on about her 1)Clumsiness, 2)Innocence, 3)Inexperience with boys (sound like someone, or someones, you know?). And don't even get me started on Charming! Or any of the dwarves who were all normal height. All vampire action I got on the book was love bites on the neck! FREAKING LOVE BITES!! *screams in frustration*I'm sorry, but I just... couldn't.The most depressing thing is I am going to read the fifth installment because I am an idiot who likes to torture herself.