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Masque of the Red Death - Bethany Griffin I hate being the black sheep around here but no, I didn't like this book - not even a bit.This is where I start wondering did everyone else and I even read the same book? Because the book I read was unoriginal, repetitive, irritating and a major letdown.At the beginning I was enchanted by the cover, the blurb (just look at them! Who can resist it? "Nights in the Debauchery Club, beautiful dresses, glittery makeup . . . and tantalizing ways to forget it all." *sigh*) And all those reviews going on and on about the beautiful 'dark' setting - I was tripping over my own feet to get a copy for myself. And then I did. And then I started. And then EVERYTHING went downhill.Why you ask?CHARACTERS1. Araby She sucked. There, I said it. All she did was whine about everything, and some more. I get she was depressed, suicidal, a druggie but there are ways to mourn for the dead and pick yourself up and move on. Araby's way is not it. 2. Will He sucked too. Silent, brooding, tattooed - telltale signs of a formula hero. I am sorry if I wanted something original and with more personality. And yes, the fact that he looks after his little brother and sister though admirable also falls under the formula hero category for me3. Elliot Of course we had to had him! Hujjah!! A YA novel cannot exist without a love triangle right? Wrong. I can go on and on about great books that did not have a love triangle. But that is not the point here. The point is that Elliot is a selfish prick and I had guessed what his role would be from the moment we were told his name, and BAM! I was. He made my head hurt.4. April Oh, she was a character in this book? And she had feelings? And a role? *GASP* Despite having guessed most of the book I could have never had guessed that.PLOT AND WRITINGI may be overusing the words 'unoriginal' and 'predictable' here, but I actually liked the premise for this book. A mysterious disease, a broken heroine, people depending on this masques to save themselves - Griffin had something wonderful to build on. And no, I haven't read the original work by Edgar Ellen Poe but I think I should have been able to love what Griffin wrote despite that. I didn't. I didn't like the pace at which the story moved - in the first few chapters everything happened too fast for me to form a connection with the characters and then things kept dragging on and on.. As the story moved forward my interest kept going down and down. I skimmed most of the middle part - Blah, Blah.. knew that... Blah Blah.. - and by the end of it I was feeling like a third person watching myself finish a book just for the sake of it. I had lost all interest.I may give the sequel a try, but seeing all the books I have in my TBR pile I think probably not.