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Revamp - Beck Sherman Rating: Somewhere between 4 and 4.5 starsRevamp was an interesting, unique and completely refreshing read. Having read a few really shitty books recently Revamp's dose of wry humor was exactly what I needed. I really enjoyed Beck Sherman's writing style, especially the way he portrayed Emma and her non-relationship with Connor. But most of all I sucked in by all the gory details; the brain splattering and gut spilling and every instance in which the characters were covered in blood and grime was described in such vivid detail that the inner monster in me couldn't help but love it!The plot was very tricky but smartly done. The vampire takeover, the resistance and the way the events from the beginning of the book (that even I had wiped off of my memory) were linked was really good. The characters, each with their own backstory which flowed smoothly with the plot, were amazing. But despite being paranormal (and the much abused vampire theme) the book didn't lose its gravity, or humor. It was a funny, witty and intelligent book - a rare and wonderful combination.The only complaint I have with the book is that it left some of the things like Professor Winnie's involvement in everything, what has become of Sullivan, Josie or Emma's mom, etc etc unanswered. There were a few plotholes that are still nagging me but in overall it was a really interesting book. But despite everything I don't want it to have a sequel. I really loved the way it ended. Revamp is a great book from a promising writer I would watch out for in the future.