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Midnight Blood - Nicole Yanski 1.5 starsI am surprised by all the high ratings for this book. I have to admit it gives a new edge to the vampire story but overall I didn't find anything extraordinary here. For me it reads like Fallenand Hush, Hush - but since there are so many people love them, it may be just me.This book has everything I hate in a YA novel - insta-love, unneccesary love triangle (rectangle? pentagon?), characters without personality and a totally predictable ending. I had wanted to read more about Shayna's and Melina's relationship and less about how Shayna is sooo different from everyone. I didn't understand Cain and Shayna's relationship very well and the ending where Cain is changed into a full vampire seemed like a desperate attempt to tie up the plot. Also Aiden's role in the entire book was unclear.This book needs a lot of editing. The narration frequently changes between past tense and present tense. There are also lots of grammatical and spelling errors. Words like 'there' and 'their', 'to' and 'too', 'you're' and 'your' have been frequently interchanged. The transition between scenes are not smooth. The dialogue between characters seems forced and unnatural. But what I disliked the most was that this book had a lot of potential which it didn't live up to. The characterization was also very poor. Shayna could have been a strong character but all I got was a girl who claimed at every point she was different and yet sounded a lot like every other whiny YA heroine whose life was fully codependent on her boyfriend and was ignoring the rest of the world because of it. I saw no place in the story for Melina and Noah, which kind of sucked.This book was completely different from what I expected when I read the blurb. I don't think I will like this book even when it is thouroghly edited. It is just not my cup of tea.