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The Road of Lost Innocence - Somaly Mam, Lisa Appignanesi This book is honest, brutally, painfully honest and that is really why it can make a difference. With every page I felt Somaly Mam's struggle with the prostitution that was a big part of her past and how the very same past has propelled her forward. I feel lucky, extremely lucky, because I know had I lived the life she has I would have been completely broken and not able to stand up for righteousness like she has. She is a true hero. In many ways the story of the little Cambodian girls sold by their very own parents, owned like commodities by different people in different points in their lives, I find those stories similar to the untold stories of little Nepalese girls in the forgotten villages of my country. It has made it easier for me to empathize with the horrors described in the book. This book shows Mam's strength as a human being and her story is one that deserves to be told. In many ways it is not the writing or even the content of the book that will draw the reader in; it is the brutally honest way that the story is written that will leave a lasting impression. One can feel the pain Mam was feeling, see the horrors that she was encountering from her past while writing this book. The fact that she completed this book no matter what it cost her to go down the memory lane is what makes this even more commendable. It is a must read for every person of every gender who want to know how deep the roots of sex slavery, prostitution and human trafficking go into our society.