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Easy - Tammara Webber Sometimes you come across books that you think twice before picking up, thinking it will be just another cheesy/irritating story you've read a million times. When I started the book I was still not sure about it. Honestly, I thought it would be another bad boy meets good girl and straightens his ways for her kind of clich├ęd books. Now, after finishing it, I am surrounded by tissues, wiping my eyes and telling myself that I need to stop crying. Tamara Webbers nailed it with this book. She reminded me why I am a hopelessly addicted to romance novels restored my faith in happy endings. The story was beautiful. It had its flaws, I know, but I am ready to overlook them because the complete package of it was so nicely done. We had a real story with real characters, a real relationship for real problems. One of the best contemporary books I read in a long time. I still am holding those tissues in my hands.