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Born in Flames - Candace Knoebel Dear book,You suck.Sincerely, Me.Oh? It’s not enough? Reasons needed? How about I give you five:1.Aurora – She sucked. She was selfish. She was whiny. She was worse, worse, hell lot worse than even the worst characters I have met (Yes. Bella, Nora, Luce, Ever and Clary are included. *gasp*)2.Fenn – The big, bad protector forgot his balls somewhere. Maybe the same place he left behind his brains.3.The writing – Boring, repetitive, occasional grammatical errors and needed to be thoroughly edited. 4.The story – Fucked over completely by the writing. COMPLETELY.5.Aurora – Yes, I know I already mentioned her but I need to say this again – she sucked. Completely. Enough to warrant being mentioned twice. Being inside her head for the length of time I spent reading the book made me feel like my intellect was slowly seeping out of my head. WORST WAY TO SPEND FIVE HOURS OF MY LIFE. EVER.Let’s say this if I was given an option to whether reread this book or attend a Justin Bieber concert, I would try to use some kick-ass moves I don’t know and try to save myself because that would have the highest probability of me coming out of it alive and all my senses intact.I’m sorry if I sound like a bitch here, but NO, I just couldn’t.Less than 1 stars, if I could.This ebook was provided to me by the author in exchange of an honest review