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The Final Empire  - Brandon Sanderson If I had to describe this book in one word it would be Perfection.Because this book is perfect. So fucking perfect.Perfect blend of humor, action, romance, intrigue and drama in a single book based on the most unique and enthralling fantastical world Brandon Sanderson could create.Burning metals after ingesting them to get your powers? A rebellion to overthrow a autocratic ruler who claims to be a part of God and probably is with the most insane crew ever?And following what is to be the most loophole ridden plan based on numerous variables out of the planners' control and might just be a suicide mission?And led by Kelsier? Crazy, funny, sarcastic, cool, INSANE Kelsier. Kelsier who is probably my favorite character of all time from all of the books I've read?Wasing the talk Eastern speak?This had all of it!This book was perfect beyond words.There isn't enough praise in me.5 StarsWasing the best of read life in.