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Goodbye Nothing - Beck Sherman There are two things about Beck Sherman's writing that I appreciate the most:He is not afraid to be graphically gory. He is not afraid to take bizarre plot twists. This book has plenty of both. This book is not for the faint hearted. This book is not for those who get offended easily, cannot digest gory scenes and mind graphic descriptions - whether that be of sex or dead bodies. For the rest of us, this book is unapologetically disturbing and I love it for that.The book starts with our protagonist Cain who is living the American dream with his wife and two children. Then he gets in an accident and is taken over by Nothing, emphasis on the capital N. he turns into a sick bastard whose emotions fall as either vacant numbness or sadistic glee. The change in who Cain was to who he becomes is so wonderfully shown, hats off to Sherman.The scene with the dead grocery store clerk featured in my nightmares - which given the fact that I do not scare easily is really amazing. I think. It might also be seriously disturbing. Probably both. The story continues 17 years after the accident where we meet Joey, a visually impaired 17 year old college girl. She had plans for her future as a photographer but nothing seems to line up as she wanted. And then there is a real danger from our changed man Cain who has turned into an even more terrifyingly inhuman and dependent on acts of violence for his high in the last 17 years. Sherman has written a totally crazy, completely bizarre and very, very scary story. He has left the reader not even a single inch - gripping me from the very beginning and till the very end. Shocking plot twists, unexpected revelations and a full serving of blood and gore make up the entire plot of the book. Beck Sherman's sense of irony and a dose of his dark humor complete the thrill ride that is Goodbye Nothing. I enjoyed this book immensely though reading it during midnight might have been a serious case of poor judgement on my part. Hehe4.5 StarsThis ebook was provided by the author in exchange of an honest review.