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Bandit Flame (Bandit Series, #1) - Marie Herman I am not rating this book because I believe this is not the final book. This book needs a thorough reread, edit and lots of changing in it.In all fairness, this book had a really interesting premise. A girl fighting injustice done to her through her own sense of justice. This could have been turned into a really, really good story.Even if I was not distracted by the grammatical errors, errors in punctuation and stuff - which I mostly was - it seemed at all times that the author was trying too hard. Herman had this really good story but she couldn't deliver it well. It is not that she is bad writer - though she could try using a simpler language that does not seem to scripted or trying. It is that the reader feels like they are reading the unedited first draft of the manuscript where the author's thoughts are flowing freely on the paper but lack structure or edition.If an edited version of the book is ever available I'd be happy to give it another go. Until then this is an unrated review.This ebook was provided to me by the author in exchange of an honest review.