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Burning Muse - Shambhawi P. Well, this is awkward...This is not me telling everyone what I thought about a book written by an author I did not really know. I wrote this, so obviously I know the story behind it - and that is what makes this particular 'review' so hard to write.This story first came to me when I was in eighth grade - it was about an old man who wrote. Over the years this man has been getting more shades to his personality, more definition to his thoughts and more weight to his (non)existence. His story has been coming to me in a strange way from the beginning - in bits and pieces but never complete. He does not have a face when I picture him, he does not have a past, his life has no events - but he has his words and those words are that I write whether as frustrating drafts for stories I couldn't complete or in poems that seem complete but have little to show about him.He has become almost like an obsession for me, an idea in my head that I cannot shake off. In that sense I have to write his words whenever they come to me or else I will lose them the next moment.But there is a different joy in writing and that is what feel in this poem. It is short but it is true to what I feel, what he may feel each time he takes up his pen and paper to write. I love this story, and I hope everyone else will love it too.Also, the bonus poems are just among the tidbits I have written over the past two years - some quite earlier and some nearer to now.Happy reading everyone - and I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I did working on it!Disclaimer: This is not an advertisement. But if it makes you want to read my book I'd be really happy.Disclaimer#2: Okay, so maybe this IS an advertisement but can we all pretend that it isn't?You can buy the book HERE from Amazon :)