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Necromancer - C. Bryan Brown 3? 3.5? I honestly do not know. This book started off with a lot of promise. Necromancy, dead bodies, drug dealings and corrupt policemen all wrapped up in one book - Brown could have penned down a winner. Focus here on the 'could' because somewhere between 100 and 150 pages it all went to hell.This book could have turned out so much better - it had such potential. I had liked Torrin despite his after office activities and was waiting for him to kick some necromancer ass. And I kept waiting. Ad waiting. And waiting... For a book titled Necromancer, it has no mention of Necromancers in the first half of the book. I lost interest. I skimmed past most of the middle of the book. I even contemplated giving it up once or twice. But I am glad I didn't. Because somewhere near the end the pace picked up again. I absolutely LOVED the ending. Once the bad guys turned up and some ass kicking ensued I was hooked - all over again.I wish it was a bit creepier though.This ebook was provided to me by the author through Read It & Reap program of the group Shut Up & Read on Goodreads in exchange of an honest review.