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Tarnished: Tales of Broken Dragons and 300 Other Stories - L'Poni Baldwin 2.5 starsThis is a very difficult book to rate. The writing style was different from the usual books, I agree, and though I liked some of the short stories/poems I felt the book could not tell the story well. Most of the times I was scratching my head thinking What the hell am I reading?To say the plot was complicated is an understatement. It is written not as a single novel but a collection of different short writings about space dragons... creatures I could not connect with at all. The fantasy world was sketchy at best. The timeline and the order of the stories were all messed up and hard to follow through. The characters got all jumbled up in my head and I couldn't keep track of who was who and who did what. The book couldn't keep my interest after the first few hundred pages and I found myself skimming through most of the middle part just to get through with this. Individually speaking, I really liked some of the stories though. Especially the poems written after the first war (in Sector 2) were amazing. Most of the times I found myself enjoying the poems more than the stories. But as the book progressed I found my interest waning and the plot getting muddier and muddier and the entire narrative repetitive. It was not a bad book but it was not a good book either. The writing style was interesting, but confusing. A fantasy book should be able to make the reader connect with its world but this book failed at that. But here is the sixty-four thousand dollar question: Will I subscribe for the next installment of this book? The answer is No. Not just because I couldn't keep with the plot or I couldn't connect with the book but mainly because I cannot see the point in continuously stretching the myth of space dragons (and every other creature mentioned) beyond its limit (which for me was somewhere between 400 and 500 pages of the book. *sigh*)